Wedding Season 2014 Has Begun! Well, a while ago. But still.

Wow, I neglected this blog for a bit! Have you been waiting here long?

How is everyone’s 2014 so far?

This year has been a funky one as far as schedules. I’m more booked than I ever have been, but all my bookings are crammed into a 6-month period this time. Usually it’s bit more evenly distributed throughout the year.

So for me, wedding season is about 3 weeks into full swing… and it’s gonna be a fun one. George is with me once again this year, and if you see these two photographer clowns at your event, you made a smart hiring decision:

George Woods and Clay Lancaster. Photo courtesy of the groom.
George Woods and Clay Lancaster. Photo courtesy of the groom.

Much of early spring was spent on personal projects, taxes, and a trip to Las Vegas before all the weddings were scheduled to kick in. Now it’s all started, and George and I are super excited to see all the wonderful faces that have us scheduled for 2014!


I’ll leave you with some of my favorite shots so far:

San Francisco Zoo Wedding
San Francisco Zoo Wedding


San Francisco Zoo Wedding
San Francisco Zoo Wedding


Flower Girls. San Ramon Wedding.
Flower Girls. San Ramon Wedding.


Callippe Preserve Wedding. Pleasanton, CA.
Callippe Preserve Wedding. Pleasanton, CA.


Indoor ceremony at Murietta's Well. Livermore, CA.
Indoor ceremony at Murietta’s Well. Livermore, CA.


Happy New Year! A Great 2013.

Making friends.
Making friends.
Very thankful for the year we’ve had here at Lancaster Photography. We met a lot of fantastic people, were welcomed into a lot of family circles, spent time in many photo pits, and traveled around the US and the world… all because of the lens and being decent at using it.
Personal thanks to all my clients from this year for choosing my work (which even included Sony Music Entertainment and Ben Folds), huge thanks to my 2nd shooters and assistants, and to the staff at theFIVE10 Radio.


A very Happy New Year to all of you!

Lancaster Media Promo

Well, with the multi-media direction I’ve been taking lately (as opposed to just still photos), it only seemed fitting to finally revamp the image of Lancaster Media.

In case you weren’t aware, my brother and I formed Lancaster Media in 2007 with the idea of being sort of a tag team. In the years following, I focused mostly on wedding and promotional work while he (Keith) began his career as a cinematographer/editor in Los Angeles.

Fast forward a few years, and all of a sudden our interests and fields are starting to overlap again: I’ve been doing more and more video work, and Keith is headed to Paris this summer to learn some still photography).

Don’t worry, I’m still very much for hire if you’re getting married! In fact, my schedule is busier than it has ever been.

But to commemorate the resurgence of the Lancaster Media name, here is our new intro/promo:


Clay & Keith Lancaster

Video Editing Now an Option!

Howdy folks.

In the last year, I’ve had to turn down a lot of video inquiries. Doing video for weddings or musicians is much more time consuming and costly than still-photography, from an overhead standpoint. Not to mention that many people asked about it as well as doing still photography for their wedding… kinda hard to do one when I’m already doing the other.

Since Lancaster Photography is a small operation (meaning: myself, and a few part-time affiliates), it’s just not doable or profitable at this point.

The thing is, I’ve been doing video editing for years and am current with the latest software/methods/formats. It’s been a strong hobby of mine this entire time, along with audio post-work (see the video page for examples).

So, what to do?

I had this thought. Even if you don’t hire a professional camera man with the insanely expensive video rig, you probably have (or will have) a bunch of funny, sweet, silly, stupid, or downright offensive video footage from your wedding/event that you’d like to save, but don’t know exactly what to do with. I’m talking video from iPhones, Flip cams, camcorders, etc. that you or your guests filmed throughout the night.

Now, for an hourly editing fee, you can give me all of that priceless footage (I don’t judge, trust me) to splice together with music, titles, transitions, captions, video enhancements, and audio enhancements… and voila! …you have a movie! Once it’s finished, I can give you the final product in any format you like, including DVD.

Contact me for rates and ideas, and let’s finally do something with all those random video clips that are currently eating up space on your computer’s hard drive.

Walnut Creek Engagement Shoot & 2012 Happenings

2012 is shaping up to be a busy year, and it starts now I guess!

Hopefully it’s a sign of a slight economic recovery, but by January 1st much of my 2012 calendar was already booked. I’ve had to turn away three weddings this week alone because the dates were taken, so get a hold of me soon if you think you’re gonna need me. Great for business, but I hate having to turn people down.

Since the week of New Year’s, I’ve been to Reno, NV – Carson City, NV – San Francisco, CA – Los Angeles, CA… and everywhere in between. That’s a lot of driving, especially when the starter on my car is acting like it’s 90 years old.

Last week I cruised down to Hollywood to work on a video with the other half of Lancaster Media (my brother Keith Lancaster), then came back to the Bay Area to finish edits on a wedding, had a couple of meetings, and then an engagement shoot here in Walnut Creek on Saturday morning. Here are a few of my favorite photos from that session:

Wedding at Mills College – Oakland, CA. End of 2011!

I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration! I was lucky enough to spend it at one of my favorite venues in San Francisco with many of my favorite people, watching my pals in Happy Body Slow Brain debut a new song and bring down the house. Can’t think of many better ways to ring in the new year.

My last wedding of 2011 was for a lovely academic couple, held at Mills College in Oakland, CA. I really enjoy the intimacy of a small wedding, and I think this was the first time I’ve been served breakfast at one! Not to mention it was the first time I had done a wedding at a college (which apparently have chapels… didn’t know that).

The room was super unique… round, with the alter in the center, and a large pipe organ on the back side. Very dimly lit, which was not conducive to photography but sure had a great atmosphere, and I managed to get some cool photos regardless.

This couple is really sweet, and I thoroughly enjoyed that they appreciated my stupid jokes throughout the day.

Wedding: Kensington Hotel, Elk’s Lodge, and Old St. Mary’s Cathedral

On July 11th, I had the honor of shooting Matt & Maria’s wedding at the Kensington Hotel in downtown San Francisco. The ceremony was held at the Old St. Mary’s Cathedral, followed by a limousine ride around the city and then a reception at the Elk’s Lodge inside the Kensington. They are a wonderful couple… very happy to be with each other, great family, and they treated me like a king (dinner, bar, dancing, conversation, and a room on the 6th floor so I didn’t have to drive home).

The entire event was so much fun, and was definitely one fo those moments where I think “wow, this is my job.”
Editing is not finished yet, but I wanted to share couple of my favorites so far.
Bride at the Kensington Hotel
Bride exits limousine at the Old St. Mary’s Cathedral
Groom and best man at the Elk’s Lodge, San Francisco
Groom nervously waiting to be married. Old St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Berkeley City Club Wedding!

I recently had the privilege of shooting Meisha & Dan’s wedding at the Berkeley City Club in Berkeley, CA.

Meisha is a model, and Dan is a musician, so naturally they wanted someone who could give them a “rock star” look on their wedding day… and I was honored that they picked me to do the job.

The day went without a hitch, and was a ton of fun. Good food, good people, good times. Now that I’ve delivered their images to them, I can post a few here:
Bride and Groom at the Berkeley City Club
Bride and Groom at the Berkeley City Club
Bride and Groom at the Berkeley City Club
Bride and bridesmaids at the Berkeley City Club
Bride and Groom at the Berkeley City Club