Well, with the multi-media direction I've been taking lately (as opposed to just still photos), it only seemed fitting to finally revamp the image of Lancaster Media.In case you weren't aware, my brother and I formed Lancaster Media in 2007 with the idea of being sort of a tag te
Later this year I will be lucky enough to photograph Nick & Sarah's wedding, but we first headed to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco to get a round of engagement photos done. Such a fun couple, and we all had a blast exploring around the cliffs that overlook the Golden G
Sometimes things drop in your lap. Actually, that's been most of my business lately. A friend of mine (who routinely browses Craigslist for various things) came across a couple looking for a last-minute photographer for their quick ceremony at San Francisco City Hall. He copied
Howdy folks.In the last year, I've had to turn down a lot of video inquiries. Doing video for weddings or musicians is much more time consuming and costly than still-photography, from an overhead standpoint. Not to mention that many people asked about it as well as doing still ph
This has certainly been an interesting holiday season.I'm headed to my parents' house in a bit for some Xmas eve cocktails and dinner, but I figured I'd wish my pals, clients, acquaintances (and anyone else who happens to stumble across this) a Merry Christmas!Next week will be a
My parents raised me with three main phrases to live by: "Life isn't fair", "Shit Happens", and "No one owes you anything". Those words of wisdom have helped me be a very self-sustaining person, and I'd like to think they also helped be deal well with bad news.Friday, November 18
The title is only half-joking. I'll explain: My brother is a videographer in Los Angeles. We did a wedding together on August 29th (first time working together on one) for John and Becky. It was beautifully set in the hills north of LA, and everything was ready to go.Then, if you