The title is only half-joking. I'll explain: My brother is a videographer in Los Angeles. We did a wedding together on August 29th (first time working together on one) for John and Becky. It was beautifully set in the hills north of LA, and everything was ready to go.Then, if you
Mikey & Jodi were my contest-winner couple from KKIQ's "My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding" contest. Probably the shortest ceremony I've ever seen (4 minutes, maybe), after which we went around town to get some shots in, and stopped at a Starbucks before heading back to the recepti
Hey y'all.Happy 4th of July! ...a day late, I know. Been busy!As we all know by now, I've always focused on weddings and live events with my photography. I do head-shots (and the like) on occasion, but have not really had a ton of experience in that area... especially not much wi
Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson... even Billy Mays, the infomercial guy that we all love...What is the deal with this week???Say what you will about MJ's personal life, he wrote and performed some awesome awesome music. He will be sorely missed in the pop world.
Each year, Live 105.3 (the San Francisco Bay Area's biggest rock station) hosts a concert festival called BFD. This year's lineup was so-so, but still held two highlights for me:Mute Math (one of my favorite bands) was scheduled to play on the Festival Stage, andTaking Back Sunda
I recently had the privilege of shooting Meisha & Dan's wedding at the Berkeley City Club in Berkeley, CA. Meisha is a model, and Dan is a musician, so naturally they wanted someone who could give them a "rock star" look on their wedding day... and I was honored that they pi
On March 2nd, 2009 I was hired by the Funk/Rock/Reggae band WhoGas to do a promotional shoot with them for a press kit. It took place at Ex'pression College for the Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA (drummer Chris Paxton is a graduate of the school, and I contact I had from the Funk
Hi everyone. My gallery ( is strictly to showcase my work, and give straight information (i.e. contact info and pricing). I realized that I had no good way of posting anything personal, so welcome to the Lancaster Photography Blog!Obviously, I am a photogr