The title is only half-joking.

I’ll explain: My brother is a videographer in Los Angeles. We did a wedding together on August 29th (first time working together on one) for John and Becky. It was beautifully set in the hills north of LA, and everything was ready to go.
Then, if you happened to see the news, a wildfire spread through the hills, covering 100,000 acres by the day of the wedding. Ash was raining on my brother’s car, and we had to keep the air on “recycle” because the atmosphere got too smoky.
It’s 1:30pm… out having lunch… need to be on site by 4:30. We get a call saying “wedding may be canceled, stand-by”.
Long story short: the couple was able to evacuate the wedding site, find a new location, set up tables, sound, decorations, food, and get the word out to 110 guests… all in about 3 hours. Everyone showed up on time, and everything was ready to go at a gorgeous ranch tucked in the hills.
The bride and groom were calm, and all smiles and laughter throughout the whole day. I was extremely impressed. Congratulations John & Becky!