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I won’t lie… my clients have been nothing but awesome. I’m so extremely lucky, and I always try to create photos that make my clients feel the same.  Here are some reviews that people have given about our efforts, and I’m very grateful. We’re very grateful. My team is just as much involved in this whole process, and we all love you too. Thanks guys.

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Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“I was very hesitant in booking a photographer for my wedding as I hadn’t had the best of luck before. I also was on a limited budget, similar to most people, and knew that wedding photography can be CrAzy expensive! When I came across Clay’s Yelp reviews and website I had a feeling that this was who I wanted to do our photos. We ended up emailing back and forth discussing some of my questions and I ended up moving forward with using him. The day of our wedding it was POURING rain. I know with a December wedding that should have crossed my mind but it didn’t. Despite the weather, Clay and his assistant had great attitudes and were very easy to get along with. Clay has such a fun-loving personality, he makes you feel like you have known him for years. After our ceremony we decided to take a few pictures outside – in the rain –  soaking the both of them but they didn’t complain! I appreciated that he was willing to go above and beyond in order to create memories for us. The wedding day goes by so fast, and as the bride and groom you often miss out on a lot of what it happening. When I got our photos back I was truly appreciative of the opportunity to revisit the day through his eyes and feel that he captured our day perfectly.”

Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“Clay was our photographer for our engagement photos and our wedding.  He did a great job with both of them!

I looked at a lot of different photographers online.  After narrowing it down to a few good ones in our price point, we ended up selecting Clay because his photos stood out.  They’re not just typical romantic photos that you see everywhere, though he does capture romantic moments.  They’re also playful and colorful, which we really liked.

First, communicating/planning was always easy.  While planning my wedding, I had to reach out to so many people for quotes, questions, planning, etc. so it helps a lot to work with someone who responds promptly, which he always did.

For our engagement photos, we met in San Francisco.  We had a few places in mind ahead of time, which we visited, and we found a few other good locations/backgrounds along the way.  Working with Clay was nice because he tried to give us the shots we were asking for, but also made suggestions along the way.

Clay brought his assistant George to the wedding.  My husband loved hanging out with both of them.  They were fast friends by the end of the day!  Clay worked hard to get the shots we wanted, running around and even enduring sun in his eyes to get the perfect shot.  We were very happy with the photos we got back!

Overall, I definitely recommend hiring Clay!”

Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“Clay and his assistant George were our photographers at our wedding in Walnut Creek about a month ago. Clay was friendly, easy-going, and seemed to understand our vision from the beginning. We just got the photos back and were blown away by how beautiful they were. The light, the explosion of color, the playful, easy way they captured so many little moments of us, our family and our guests. Clay is very talented and clearly cares a lot about what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer who is happy to veer away from the stiff, formal shots to instead bring out those moments that come unrehearsed and, thanks to the beautiful photos, unforgettable.”

Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“Clay shot our wedding in June of 2016 and we are THRILLED with the photos. He captured all of the smiles and fun and emotions in such a beautiful way. Friends and family have complimented us on all of the photos, and he is really such a fun guy to be a around – we loved having him at our wedding!”

Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“I recently got married on June 6, 2015. Photography was very important to me. I knew I wanted someone laid back, nice, and fun who provided all the options I wanted. Clay answered all of my questions thoroughly and even met up with my mom, my brother, my husband, and I to discuss all the details. It made the whole situation easier on my end since everyone could meet and ask their own questions without me playing middleman. I appreciated this a lot!

My husband has a very large extended family. So, during the formal photos, there was a lot of confusion which really stressed me out. I don’t have a lot of patience for standing around and posing when I could be hanging out with everyone, and I know it showed. Clay was very understanding though, managed to make me laugh a lot, and was able to get through the photos fairly quickly. Then, he took my husband and I away from everyone to get photos of just the two of us. He also used this as an excuse to get us away from the chaos and give us some time alone. It was one of the only moments all evening that we had a chance just to be together. I really appreciated it and thought it was nice of him.

The photos have turned out really nice and the color in them is amazing! I’m very happy with how they turned out and would recommend Clay, and his assistant George, to anyone.”

Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“Clay just shot my wedding in September and shot my engagement photos last year.  He did an incredible job with both of them!! He is professional, easy to work with, and produces amazing photos! His photos are creative and artistic and he is willing to shoot whatever you want (we had him climb through a dark tunnel for our engagement shoot and he was totally on board) :). For our wedding, Clay was such a calming presence and was very easy going.  He was always there to get all of the important moments, without being overbearing and in the way.  He always shows up early or on time, has great communication, and you can’t beat his prices for the quality product you will get!  Use Lancaster Photography for your wedding needs, you will be very happy with the lasting memories that Clay creates with his wonderful photographs!”

Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“I just got married at The Geyserville Inn up by Healdsburg, however, I live in Los Angeles and was planning my wedding from here. After searching through TONS of photographers and thinking I’d never find the right person – I found Clay on Yelp! I was impressed by his OUTSTANDING reviews and after checking out his websites and portfolio I couldn’t wait to hire him! I loved that his wedding photos were colorful and showed everyone having an amazing time. A wedding should be a great party! I was sick of the dramatic and serious photos I had seen in other portfolios. I also loved that he has photographed concerts – I was confident that if we were dancing and moving he would capture beautiful photos. I mean, if he was good enough for Dave Grohl, he was probably good enough for us. :p

I was unfortunate to have a problem with forgetful vendors… but Clay was the complete opposite. He was professional AND laid back. Of all of my vendors, he was the only one I didn’t have to worry about. He put the stressed out bride at ease and my friends and family all adored him and his assistant, George. They kept talking about them after they left, and that says something HUGE. I think wedding photos turn out even better when you feel comfortable around your photographer. I appreciated that if I suddenly had an idea of another photo I wanted he would say “sure!” and do it. Nothing was a battle (unlike my other vendors). He was collaborative, creative, charming and has great sense of humor.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Clay. I am so sooooooo lucky. My husband and I took a ‘Thank you’ photo while on our honeymoon that came out too dark and we asked if we could hire him to retouch it for us. He did it for free just because he’s a nice person.

He’s not just our photographer. He became our friend.

Stop the search!!! You’ve found the BEST wedding photographer. Hire him!!!! You won’t regret it.”

Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“Clay brings this truly wonderful combination of skill-sets as a photographer that made our wedding photos fun and unique. Some photos had that wonderful, soft, romantic essence to them, and others made us look like we could be on an album cover. Both Clay and George (his second photographer) were kind, funny and easy to work with–which meant we didn’t look stiff in our photos. They were also able to capture the area and make the most of background settings. I will admit to a personal bias, because I knew Clay in high school (though had lost track for a decade–yay facebook for helping me find old friends) but there’s no way I’d give him a great plug unless he also happened to be a killer photographer as well as a genuinely nice guy.

Beyond the photos, Clay was really available to answer questions about how much time we might need, the kind of photos that typically happen at weddings (I was not the kind of bride that spent hours pursuing other people’s weddings for ideas) and being open to things that we wanted and our time frame for our day. He also traveled to Sacramento for us…in august…and survived the heat–so bonus points for that!

On the day of he was early, knew what he needed to do and magically was present without being obvious (these photographers are ninjas). He got us our photos quickly and we had several printing options as well as the disc of photos.

I love our wedding photos, they really captured OUR day and the feel of the whole ceremony/reception and even our relationship. I will treasure the work Clay and George did my whole life.  Seriously, if you know anyone getting married, I can’t recommend Lancaster Photography more highly!”

Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“My husband and I got married on 9/13/13. Prior to this, we had been looking for a quality photographer who wouldn’t break the bank. We skimmed through yelp and came across Clay. I e-mailed back and forth a few times and signed the contract and anticipated our big day. Clay was always very quick about getting back to me inbetween that time with little questions I had here and there.

On the day of the wedding, there was shear chaos with everything, but Clay. He arrived early with his partner and began to scan out our venue and get ideas for good shots to take throughout the night. He was very friendly when he met me for the first time..Of all places, freaking out in the bridal suite. He was very professional and did whatever I asked and took whatever pictures I wanted through out the night. They blended in perfectly with our guests and weren’t those ackward people with giant cameras. He even let me borrow his camera to take pictures later in the night 🙂

He captured some of our fondest memories and things we will treature for the rest of our lives. We could not wait to get the proofs of our pictures and have been through them about 5 times now just smiling and laughing..just remembering our day. We can’t wait to get the CD with the HD pictures to start blowing them up and posting everywhere. We couldn’t be more proud of our pictures and we have Clay(and George his partner) to thank for it.

I would 100% recommend Clay for any wedding shoot..or any shoot for that matter. I promise you won’t be anything but happy and satisfied.”

Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“I really wish I could give Clay more than 5 stars.  Our pictures for our wedding were very important to us, as they are to most couples.  Clay did such an amazing job getting not only the wonderfully posed shots but also the ones “in between”.  He has a great eye, and is able to catch moments that most wouldn’t even see in real life.  He really knows what pictures to make sure every couple and family would want to have to remember their wedding day.  Most importantly, he is able to move quickly.  I know most people don’t think of this while picking their wedding photographer, but when family and friends are cold, hot, hungry/thirsty, and wanting to go join the rest of the party, the last thing you want is a photographer that is taking their time with each individual shot.  Clay was able to move quickly through all of our family, friends, and bridal party, while getting multiple pictures and people not even realizing how many he shot.  And trust me, his speed definitely does not compromise the beauty of his product.  I know multiple photographers, including ones within my family, and I could not ask for a better photographer for our special day than Clay.”

Walnut Creek wedding photographer | Clay Lancaster

“If you are looking for a photographer that shows up in a tired ten-year old suit and then proceeds to crap out every single wedding pose and positioning you have seen in every wedding photo since the time you were born, you need not hire Clay. This guy is young, hip and a great dresser. The wedding photos he takes will be timeless without being time stamped. Every time you look at your photos you’ll say to yourself, daaayum, we look good.

Of all the wedding pictures Clay has taken to date, ours are some of his best work. Why? Because he posseses two very important things when it comes to being a great photographer: 1. The ability to collaborate with his clients and understand the mood they want to convey and 2. Having his photographs express exactly that. We couldn’t have been happier with his work.

Clay’s professionalism is balanced by his great personality and his ability to make you feel at ease. Your wedding day is already stressful enough and Clay makes taking some of the most treasured pictures of your life a cake walk. We had a ton of fun!”

So there you go. We’ve had so much fun documenting these wonderful people, are very thankful for their reviews, and we really, really want you to be a part of it. Come contact us and be a part of it!