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Hello! You’ve probably stumbled here after extensive searching for the right wedding photographer (any kind of photographer, really). Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that landed here on the first try. Either way, I’m excited to see you here.

My name is Clay, and I’m a professional wedding, event, and portrait photographer. I often travel to do my work, with my home area being Walnut Creek, CA and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area.


So you’re here! And you’re here because you want to find someone you can trust to capture your day in all its beautiful detail. It only happens once, and you can’t afford to let the documentaton sit in the hands of someone who might not be paying attention, correct?

Oh… and you probably want pretty pictures on top of that, yes? Maybe from someone fun. Maybe from someone sincere. Maybe from someone who can keep you calm during all the craziness that comes with planning a wedding. Maybe from someone that really cares about how they can make your day even greater… and maybe you want all that at an affordable price.

Where would you ever find such a thing?

Well hi! I love my job. I love working with my couples, and I love getting to know them and their families during the process. It’s a pretty cool perk to have at work. My little team is awesome as well, and we like to do things a bit differently — We like to help you laugh. We like to help your guests laugh. We get to know you. You get to know us. We make bad jokes sometimes, and we never turn down high-fives from anyone (you’d be suprised how often that occurs, actually).

If you hadn’t noticed from my portfolio, I really try to bring out the personalities of my clients when we work together. That is how I view my job as a photographer. Certainly I will offer some photo ideas throughout the day, but my main job is to capture you and who you are. You guys are fascinating! Let me get that on camera.

It’s a cool job to have, and every client of mine gets a photographer with that sort appreciation, enthusiasm, admiration, and care. The bottom line is that when I work with you, I treat it as though it were my own wedding. Every time.

So here we are. We are here for you, and we can’t wait to meet you. Please, hit that CONTACT tab above and say hello!

Do you want to know more about me? I’m not sure why, but fine! Read below…



Other Work as a Photographer

I like music. A lot. I even play it… and if I’m not playing it, I’m shooting it.

Aside from weddings, my music work has been featured in various formats by various people and publications, including the front cover of Ben Folds Five: Live (Sony), the back cover of Candlebox: Disappearing Live, AP Magazine, the San Francisco Examiner, Alternative Press, San Jose Metro, RBC Bluesfest Ottawa, Live Nation, Rock Paper Photo, East Bay Express, Myspace, etc. and by artists like Soundgarden, Alice Cooper, Mutemath, Megadeth, Aerosmith, Candlebox, Matt Mahaffey/sElf, Myles Kennedy, Kings of Chaos (that’s a super-group comprised of mostly Guns N’ Roses members), Billy Duffy, The Gracious Few (that’s a mix of 90’s bands Candlebox and Live), Thomas Pridgen, We Are Scientists, Airborne Toxic Event, Taking Back Sunday…

I am a Grand-Prize Winner from Studio414‘s global One World Photography Contest, have won four honorable mentions from the International Photography Awards in Los Angeles (IPA), and have been featured on CBS San Francisco as a recommended wedding photographer.

Something else, neither here nor there… I played baseball and basketball in leagues when I was young. My last year in baseball, I lead the league in strike-outs, and went on to play for the all-star team. Basketball-wise, I was a long-distance shooter.

In COVID-19 2020 (that’s a handful to type correctly) I used my forced time off from events to code TWO video games that are playable on the original 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System. Like, on one of those grey cartridges. One of them was for me, and one was for my wife. No, I don’t really know how to code, but I learned enough assembly language to make it happen. They aren’t half bad.

So, to sum up: My name is Clay. I’m a professional photographer, and do everything from weddings, to families, to headshots, to live music, to real estate, to product photos, to… whatever. I’ve played/written music since I was 12. I was fairly good at sports at one point. Apparently I make video games now, for fun.

It’s all weird, and I’m only telling you this because we should absolutely talk.

Oh, and as a nail in the coffin, here’s a more recent photo of me wearing antennae that some clients made me wear, to entertain their two-year-old during a family session. If you’re wondering, “Who is this guy?” – don’t feel bad. I’m not even sure sometimes, either. All I can tell you is that I’ve been entrusted with a lot of important moments over the years, and folks still hire me 7 years later to shoot photos of their kids. That has to count for something, right?

YELP! – Please feel free to browse our Yelp page and our Reviews page to see what my past couples have to say. I’m super grateful for all the kind words that clients have written on there.

On this site you will find my wedding and family-related work. Also some headshots. If you’d like to see the other work I do, please visit

All that said, contact me about anything. The best way is via the contact form above, or you can use I am often out and about, but thanks to modern technology, I can get emails all day long. Use it!

I look forward to creating some awesome stuff with you guys. It’ll be fun.

– Clay