Standard wedding packages start at $1300, and the photography rates depend on the nature of your day and what you might need. This allows me to offer more options and work with any budget. The following items are included as standard in all wedding packages. Just contact me for a quick quote based on what you might need!

All Standard Wedding Packages Include:

Online Photo Gallery

Your final images will be delivered in a password-protected online gallery. Once you’ve logged in, you have the ability to view your images (separated by events of the day), share with family and friends, create folders to set aside favorites, and even order prints if you like. Mobile-friendly, and displayed beautifully on any device.

High Resolution Images

From the gallery, your images will be downloadable in crisp high-resolution. Yes, everything you see is your to grab right away. I never really understood why some photographers give their clients smaller web versions and make them pay more for the high-res files. Well, I guess I do understand it… it’s a way to get more money out of people. But I don’t like it, and I don’t do it! You get access to everything I’ve finished in high-res glory.

Editing & Touch-Ups

Each image you recieve is individually edited and cared for. I go through every single one of them. Not just the highlights, and not just the pictures you see in my portfolio or on our company Facebook feed. Also I’m personally not a fan of over-editing things, so I try to do just enough to make the image pop while still keeping it natural. Of course I will fix anomalies like fire hydrants, Exit signs, and bad skin days if those things interrupt an otherwise great photo.

Digital Rights to Images

Included in your rate is your right to own and reprint any of your images as you see fit. Yes, you can order high-quality prints through your gallery when you’ve logged in, but if you’d like to put them on a thumb drive and take them to Cosco or Target, that’s totally fine too. They’re yours! Do as you please.

Meetings and Questions

Once we’ve locked in everything, you can totally forget about me and trust that I’ll be there on time when the day comes. Or, you can send me emails or text messages at all hours of the night if you have questions or timeline changes. I’m happy with either, and I’m always available to discuss things with you as the date gets closer. You’ll be hearing from me anyway about a week or two in advance just to check in!


Other Types of Sessions & Options

Wedding Basics (Short Session, $700+)

Just doing a quick ceremony and family photo event? We have you covered at a special rate lower than the regular packages above. I also offer a special weekday rate for a city hall ceremony or an elopement of some kind. Designed to be short and simple, covering the essentials and hi-res images delivered through a download link.

Engagement Sessions

If you’re looking to document your engagement, look no further. These sessions are a great way for us to get to know each other while getting those “save the date” photos done as well. Rate includes all edits and touch-ups, and digital delivery.

Family | Portrait | Lifestyle Sessions

Need family photos? Holiday portrait? Pet photos? Or maybe some sort of other personal project, like documenting the restoration of an old car? The sky is the limit. Rate includes all edits and touch-ups, and digital delivery.


Headshots for business networking, social media, or online dating are all quite common these days. Let me know what you need! Usually I work in more of a natural light setting, but I can always bring a lighting setup to you, if you prefer more of a studio look. Rate includes all edits and touch-ups, and digital delivery.

Other Information

Second Photographer

I often work alone, but many times it is beneficial to have two camera angles. For instance, photos of a wedding ceremony tie together nicely if there is someone else covering the angles that I can’t get, as I can only be in one place at a time. For those of you who might like that extra coverage, a second shooter can be added for a fee.

We can always work with you if your needs are different than what we have listed.

Most projects/shoots fit into one of these categories here, but I’m always excited to take on something unique. If you have additional questions or ideas for me, just head on over to that CONTACT link above (or the email address below) and shoot me a message!