Hi everyone.

My gallery (www.LancasterPhoto.net) is strictly to showcase my work, and give straight information (i.e. contact info and pricing). I realized that I had no good way of posting anything personal, so welcome to the Lancaster Photography Blog!
Obviously, I am a photographer. I operate both on my own from LancasterPhoto.net, and sometimes in tandem with my brother under LancasterMedia.net. He (Keith) is a videographer in the Los Angeles area… usually specializing in music events, but we will do the occasional wedding together as a team.
A bit about me:
  • I graduated from the University of California-Santa Cruz with a BA in Business Management Economics, of all things.
  • I am a musician at heart, and therefore know a lot of bands/musicians. This would probably explain the extensive gallery of Live/Promotional photos on my site.
  • Video editing is a strong hobby of mine. On the right hand side (over there –>) you’ll find a few YouTube clips of things I have produced, whether it be for someone else’s project or for my own promotion.
  • I consider myself to be extremely friendly. I take my business very seriously, but that in no way means I have to be serious. More often than not, I am asked to be more a part of someone’s wedding, rather than a contract employee. I like it that way.
  • I was not raised in a religious household. I respect and admire anyone who is honestly devoted and loyal to their spiritual belief system, and adapt as needed. So whether you have a traditional ceremony or something totally off the wall, I am always excited to be a part of it.
  • Shooting for models is a relatively new direction for me, but I am pursuing it. So please ask!
  • I am observant. Most of my couples prefer a more candid “photojournalistic” approach to their wedding, and I find that to be the most fun. Everyone wants a few good portraits, but honestly the photos of my wedding that I continue to look at are the candid ones.
  • Be open with me! I cannot think of the last time I was put off or offended by anything, and I’m always looking to shoot something new. Make suggestions if you have them!

Contact me about anything. The best way is clay@lancasterphoto.net. I am often out and about, but thanks to technology (i.e. my iPhone) I can get emails all day long. Use it!
I look forward to working with you.