Europe Vacation and Photography Trip: Venice, Prague, Edinburgh, London

February 22, 2017

Once the 2016 wedding season was wrapped up, I focused my time and energy on family and the holidays. Once New Year’s Eve was done, I hopped a plane in San Francisco and headed off to Venice, Italy. The first stop on our Venice – Prague – Edinburgh – London trip.

Naturally I had some photo work to do while I was out there, and came back with some pretty great images. Have a look!

Venice evening.
St. Mark’s Square flooded during high tide.
Snowy St. Mark’s Square in Venice. January 2017.
This wedding shoot was happening in the melting snow, so naturally I jumped in for a few shots.
This father and son with a seaside rollercoaster to themselves, overlooking the islands near Venice.
Late afternoon.
The flooded crypt below San Zaccaria church.

After a few days, we grabbed a water taxi back to the airport (as my wedding assistant George is demonstrating in this photo):

…and we jetted off to Prague, in the Czech Republic. It was quite chilly there, and I spent most of my photography time with a scarf wrapped over my face so I could keep the feeling in it.

Old Town Square, Prague.
Prague Sunset.
The view from our Apartment balcony.
Prague’s Astronomical Clock. 600 years old and still ticking. With 80% of its original parts.
Basilica of St. Peter in Vyšehrad
Old Jewish Cemetery. Pretty sobering place.
St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle.

A handful of cold days here and next stop was up to Edinburgh in Scotland. Castles galore! And fog. Lots of fog.

Edinburgh, Scotland at night.
Edinburgh night traffic.
Blackness Castle in Linlithgow. Our GPS said we had arrived at our destination, but our eyes said otherwise.
Blackness Castle on the sea. Linlithgow, Scotland.
My cinematographer brother, enjoying the beautiful view from Stirling Castle. No, I didn’t photoshop anything out. That was the view.
Craigmillar Castle was our favorite. Easy to get lost in, and reminded us of Legend of Zelda. Lots of floors, lots of rooms, and lots of bombable-looking walls and doors.
Craigmillar Castle
…and lots of tight windy staircases to make you claustrophobic.

That evening, after much castle-ing, we headed to Glasgow to catch my buddy Kevin singing with his band Candlebox. You might know them best from their 1993 hit “Far Behind”. Great show… snapped some photos there and met up for a drink afterword:

Candlebox performing at G2 (The Garage) in Glasgow, Scotland.

On our last day we hit Edinburgh Castle, and I think it was the right choice. The fog lifted a bit and we got some great sunset opportunities while up on the hill.

Edinburgh Castle

One more quick EasyJet flight and we were in London. I think this was my 4th time there, but I always love coming back. I didn’t bother with as many photos this time.

Marching. Buckingham Palace, London.
Tower of London at night.
Tower Bridge at night
London Financial Skyline
This bird. I think this was before I slipped and fell through the ice in Hyde Park.

That was a long post! If you made it this far, congratulations. Just a glimpse of what I like to do when I’m not seeing you wonderful people at weddings. Looking forward to meeting you guys (or seeing some of you again) very soon! Shoot me a message.