Wedding in Istanbul

August 1, 2018

This summer I boarded a plane for Turkey with my fiancee to go see her family, enjoy a vacation, and photograph a wedding in Istanbul. Definitely the farthest I’ve traveled for wedding photography.

Sevim & Volkan’s wedding took place over two nights, the first being a henna party with about 200 people, and the second being the wedding itself with a slightly smaller crowd.

Volkan and Sevim ending their first dance as husband and wife. Istanbul, Turkey

My brother, mom, and step dad also joined us to meet my upcoming in-laws and see the historic mosques, Roman ruins, palaces, the Bosphorus, and the nightlife before hopping another plane all together and go swim in the Mediterranean on the Southern coast of Turkey, in Fethiye. So naturally, I had to throw in a few photos of that as well 🙂

Istanbul at night.
Ortaköy Mosque (Buyuk Mecidiye Camii)