Howdy folks! I haven't really posted much this year because... whoooo boy. 2020 started weird, and looks like it's going to end about the same. Events were largely canceled or postponed until who-knows-when, and only recently did clients start feeling better about getting tog
When I wasn't working with brides and grooms, or families, or businesses, or any other of my regular clients, you'd could find me at a number of concerts this past year in the photo pit. I play guitar, and have been a musician since about 12 years old, so naturally I do a lot of
This summer I boarded a plane for Turkey with my fiancee to go see her family, enjoy a vacation, and photograph a wedding in Istanbul. Definitely the farthest I've traveled for wedding photography. Sevim & Volkan's wedding took place over two nights, the first being a hen
Had an awesome afternoon recently with Tiana. She needed some headshots done for an upcoming audition, so we spent an hour getting a few different kinds of photos done to giver her some options. Sessions like these are useful for all sorts of things, if even just for posterity. P
Like any artist, I have my bread n' butter photo projects as well as my side projects. And like previous years, 2018 hasn't failed to deliver the opportunities to stretch my wings a bit. I've always been a huge, HUGE fan of Back to the Future. If I dress up for Halloween, 90% of
It's been rainy, and wedding season hasn;t kicked in yet. So two weeks in a row, I hopped over to Oakland (once in the pouring rain) to photograph two very well known English musicians, Roger Daltrey (of The Who) and Noel Gallagher (of Oasis). I am a fan of both artists, and a g