2020! Yeesh.

November 30, 2020

Howdy folks!

I haven’t really posted much this year because… whoooo boy. 2020 started weird, and looks like it’s going to end about the same. Events were largely canceled or postponed until who-knows-when, and only recently did clients start feeling better about getting together for some (socially-distanced) photo sessions. I miss you guys!

However, I had some time to do some re-edits and even create a couple of video games to play on the original 1995 Nintendo Entertainment System. Who knew? And despite 2020’s best efforts, we got some photography sessions in. No concerts though… which is a weird one for me. I have not NOT photographed a concert since 2007, I think. My last concert shoot was Phil Collins in October of last year.

But here are some various recent images from this year. We started off the new year in France, before moving on to Istanbul to visit my in-laws. Other shoots took place throughout California in Walnut Creek, Danville, Benicia, Berkeley, Tilden Park, Alameda, and Laguna Beach. Enjoy! And shoot me a message so we can do something fun.

Our 2020 started with staying at this Chateau in France over New Year’s.
Chateau de Courcelles
Courcelles-sur-Vesle, France
Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims
On to Istanbul for most of January 2020.
Istanbul, Turkey
Strolling through one of the islands off of Istanbul. January 2020.
I want this house. The homes on this island off of Istanbul are amazing.
Engagement photography shoot in Tilden Park, Berkeley
Visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Laguna Beach, doing some property photos for them.
Laguna Beach, CA
6am lightning storm in Walnut Creek, CA.
The sun through the smoke in Walnut Creek. Taken a day or two after the lightning storm.
Walnut Creek, CA with a blanket of thick smoke. This was about noon.
Downtown Walnut Creek, CA with a blanket of thick smoke. This was also about noon.
2020 Fall family photo session. Walnut Creek, CA.
2020 Fall family photo session. Walnut Creek, CA.
My poor wife had to graduate from Academy of Art University during Covid. The school canceled all ceremonies this year, so we got her a gown and did some photos in Danville, CA.
I got to see one of my wedding couples from 6 years ago and do a family session with their little one. So much fun. Shell Ridge open space in Walnut Creek.
My pal (and drummer) landed a new gig, so he hired me to do some profile images to be distributed to publications that announced his new role in the industry.
A retired Vietnam combat pilot invited us to take a look around the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier that sits docked in Alameda, CA (across the Bay from San Francisco). This was the vessel that retrieved Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins after their successful 1969 mission of being the first humans to walk on the moon.
An F-14 Tomcat sits inside the USS Hornet. Alameda, CA.
Clay Lancaster (me!) in Walnut Creek. My wife snapped a few photos on Thanksgiving.